Family Protection

Are you worried about the interruption of family income after an accident occurs on the pillar of your home? Is the previously saved property not enough to spend? Are you worried about the impact of wealth transmission? Are you worried that your child’s education will be affected? Everything can be solved for you with LLFRE!

LLFRE launched a series of family-protected wealth management products such as Mutual Golden Baby to avoid interruption of family income and impact on quality of life after accidents. At the same time, family-protected wealth management products can play a role in wealth appreciation and wealth inheritance, bringing family members together.

  • Adult insurance coverage can be appropriately increased. It is recommended that the family’s living expenses, education expenses, support funds, external liabilities, funeral expenses, etc., be deducted from existing assets, and the income gaps shall be used as the basis for estimating the amount of life insurance.​

  • Product selection needs to be combined with its own situation. If the career is stable, life security insurance or health insurance is preferred; if the income fluctuates greatly and the career changes are large, it is recommended to select life insurance with savings and dividend investment and Insurance.

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